1. DCY150 Joinable Self-Propelled Shipyard TransporterAccording to the requirements of customers, we can reserve ports for connecting two, three or more self-propelled shipyard transport vehicles. The vehicle formed by connecting several DCY150 joinable self-propelled shipyard transporters has the same steering mode with the single DCY150 type of product.
    1. DCY500 Joinable Self-Propelled Shipyard TransporterThe DCY500 joinable self-propelled shipyard transporter is provided with ports for connection. Two, three or more such vehicles can be connected together. The connected self-propelled shipyard transport vehicle has the same steering mode with the single DCY500 type of product.

Self-Propelled Shipyard Transporter

Our company is the first hydraulic self-propelled shipyard transporter manufacturer in China. In 2001, we developed China's first independent steering hydraulic self-propelled transport vehicle and owned two national patents (patent number: ZL 01240166.8, ZL 03254678.5). The DCY900 self-propelled flatbed truck was included into the National 863 Program in 2004.

The DCY series self-propelled shipyard transporter is mostly used for short-distance transport of large components in ship, steel, metallurgy and other industries. It has straight traveling, oblique traveling, transverse traveling, center rotation, steering, and other modes. Two, three or more self-propelled shipyard transport vehicles can be connected together.

So far, we have produced more than 600 self-propelled shipyard transport vehicles with the loading capacity of 50 to 900 tons. These products have been widely adopted by many companies, such as Jiangsu Eastern Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., CIMC Raffles, CNPC Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., etc. and exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and so on.

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