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QLY2150 Wind Turbine Boom Crane

Product Name: QLY2150 Wind Turbine Boom Crane

1. Fully hydraulic, full-circle slewing, intelligent, hanging type tire group
2. Imported mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components
3. Only a 5-meter-wide road is needed for traveling
4. No need of boom removal when workplace changes
5. Special crane mouth design
6. With boom lifted, this wind turbine boom crane can realize straight traveling, oblique movement, and transverse traveling.
7. This equipment meets the requirements of lifting the 2.5MW wind turbine produced by major domestic and foreign wind turbine manufacturers

Main Technical Parameters
Max. rated lifting capacity 120t
Min. rated working radius 8.4m
Max. rated working radius 16m
Max. load moment 2150t.m
Lifting height 95m
Equipment mass (with counterweight) 478t
Lifting speed 0~4m/min
Luffing speed 0~3m/min
Max. allowable elevation angle of boom 84°
Slewing speed (360°slewing) 0~1.2r/min
Traveling Working Conditions
Speed of traveling with no counterweight or lifted load 0~5km/h
Adapted longitudinal slope ±5%
Adapted transverse slope ±3%
Suspension self-leveling capacity ±300mm
Tire ground pressure 0.56MPa
Loaded Working Conditions
Spacing between four fulcrums 14m×14m
Allowable bearing capacity of single fulcrum 200t
Ground pressure 0.45MPa

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