1. Wind Turbine Boom CraneThis equipment meets the requirements of lifting the 2.5MW wind turbine produced by major domestic and foreign wind turbine manufacturers.
      Special crane mouth design
      With boom lifted, this wind turbine boom crane can realize straight traveling, oblique movement, and transverse traveling.
    1. Wind Turbine Hydraulic Wheeled Tower CraneThis product meets the requirement of lifting wind turbines with capacity no more than 2.5MW. The maximum lifting height is 96 meters and the maximum lifted mass is 90 tons. For the modified product, the two parameters are 115 meters and 65 tons respectively. The QLY9096 wind turbine hydraulic wheeled tower crane is a kind of mobile product developed for the construction of 2.5MW wind turbine. It is a scientific research achievement realized by our research personnel by utilizing more than

Wind Turbine Lifting Equipment

Our company mainly provides two types of wind turbine lifting equipment, which are QLY2150 boom crane and QLY9096 hydraulic wheeled tower crane.

The QLY wind turbine boom crane is a special crane for installing wind power generation equipment. This product is the world's first. It is included into the Major Science and Technology Project in Henan province (project number: 09110021100). With independent intellectual property rights, it won the first prize of Zhengzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award.

QLY9096 Wind Turbine Hydraulic
Wheeled Tower Crane
QLY2150 Wind Turbine Boom Crane QLY9096 Wind Turbine Hydraulic
Wheeled Tower Crane

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