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DCY Tunnel Plate Transporter

The tunnel plate transporter was developed by our company in 2004 for transporting segment, box culvert, and turnover materials in large-diameter tunnel construction. It is characterized by two-way driving, narrow width, low height, fast speed, and strong climbing ability. We have designed different models of this product for tunnels of different diameters. These products have been successfully applied in the construction of multiple domestic tunnels.

1. Product Name
DCY Tunnel Plate Transporter

2. Product Usage
Mainly used for the transport of segment, box culvert, and turnover materials in tunnel construction

3. Technical Description
a. Steering System
Hydraulic steering; straight traveling, 8-shaped steering, oblique traveling, swiveling, and center rotation can be realized

b. Brake System
aa. Service brake is pneumatic brake, which has emergency brake function
bb. Mechanical parking brake is adopted; this brake can be manually removed
cc. When this tunnel plate transporter runs at a speed of 15km/h with full load on a longitudinal slope with the gradient of -10%, it can brake safely

c. Drive System
Transmission mode: Engine-flexible coupling-drive pump-drive motor-final drive

d. Suspension System
Hydraulic suspension is adopted, ensuring that each wheel set bears load uniformly and lifts synchronously when the vehicle is running

4. Technical Parameters of Tunnel Plate Transporter
Rated load mass 72000KG
Vehicle length 13m
Vehicle width 2.6m
Platform height 1400mm, lowest position: 1250mm, lifting stroke: 500mm
Steering angle ±50°
Drive suspension/Driven axle 2/4
Max. running speed No load: 28km/h
Full load on flat ground: 15km/h
Gradeability at full load Longitudinal slope: 3.5%
Transverse slope: 2%
Ramp brake Longitudinal slope: 10%
Min. turning radius Outmost side of frame: 10m

Remark: We can develop construction equipment suitable for use in various tunnels according to different tunnel conditions.

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