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1000 Ton Railway Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

The 1000 ton railway rail mounted gantry crane is used for the lifting, handling and loading of box girders with weight less than 1,000 tons in the precast yard. It adopts wheel-rail traveling and is provided with a generator set to provide power. With a running mechanism capable of steering by 90 degrees, it is able to travel along the laid transverse and longitudinal tracks, thus completing all handling operations of box girders in the precast yard.

In China's high-speed railway construction, part of the precast yards adopt this 1000-ton rail mounted gantry crane to complete the hoisting, handling and loading of box girders. Our company has manufactured more than 10 pieces of this equipment for construction of multiple domestic and foreign high-speed railways.

Reference Parameters
Traveling way Two-track traveling
Rated lifting capacity ≤1,000 tons
Meeting the loading operation of precast double-track prestressed box girder with the length of 32m, 24m or 20m in railway passenger dedicated line
Lifting height <13.5m
Span 40m~45m
Traveling speed Heavy load: 0~5.0 m/min
No load: 0~10.0 m/min
Main hook lifting speed Heavy load: 0~0.5 m/min
No load: 0~1.0 m/min
Rated lifting capacity of auxiliary hook 20t
Auxiliary hook lifting speed 8.0 m/min
Gradeability 1.5%

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