1. 900 Ton Railway Rubber Tyred Gantry CraneThis equipment is used for the hoisting, handling and loading of box girders weighing less than 900 tons in the precast yard. It adopts rubber-tyred traveling technique. Its traveling, steering and lifting are all driven hydraulically. Capable of realizing straight traveling, oblique traveling, transverse traveling, and other traveling modes, this rubber tyred gantry crane can complete all box girder handling operations in the precast yard.
    1. 1000 Ton Railway Rail Mounted Gantry CraneWith a running mechanism capable of steering by 90 degrees, it is able to travel along the laid transverse and longitudinal tracks, thus completing all handling operations of box girders in the precast yard. In China's high-speed railway construction, part of the precast yards adopt this 1000-ton rail mounted gantry crane to complete the hoisting
    1. 450 Ton Railway Rail Mounted Gantry CraneIt is usually used across the main bridge to load girders into the girder transporter on the bridge deck and lift the bridge erecting machine and girder transporting vehicle that are assembled on the ground to the bridge deck. Two sets are adopted for synchronous operations. In China's high-speed railway construction, when the precast yard is arranged around the bridge, two sets of 450-ton railway rail mounted gantry cranes are used to complete the hoisting and loading of box girders.

Railway Gantry Crane

The railway gantry crane is mainly used for the transfer, loading and other operations of precast box girder. It is an essential lifting tool in high-speed rail construction.

As the first domestic manufacturer that develops special equipment for passenger lines, our company independently designed and manufactured the first DLT900 rubber tyred gantry crane in 2005. This product was successfully applied in the construction of Beijing-Tianjin inter-city passenger line. At the end of 2006, China's first MDE450+450 series rail mounted steering gantry crane was successfully developed by our company and was applied in the construction of Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail. In June 2011, the 1000-ton rail mounted gantry crane, which was independently designed and produced by our company, was successfully applied in South Korean Honam high-speed rail line. These facts indicate that our company is the leader and wind vane in China's high-speed railway equipment manufacturing industry.

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