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DCY900 Series Rubber Tyred Railway Girder Transporter

National 863 Program project (project number: 2003AA430180)
National Torch Program project (project number: 2005EB041134)
National Key New Product Program project (project number: 2008GRD00014)
First prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
Second prize of Henan Science and Technology Award
Remark: National 863 Program and Torch Program are plans aiming to develop high-tech industries in China

Patented Technology
1. Independent steering suspension mechanism for large self-propelled transporters (ZL200610081561.4)
2. Luffing self-propelled transporters (ZL01240166.8)
3. Dual circuit safety valve (ZL03254678.5)
4. Multi-mode steering flatbed powered by generator set and hydraulic pump station (ZL200720175185.5)

In 2004, we designed and produced the first DCY900 series rubber tyred railway girder transporter. This equipment is used for the transport of box girders weighing less than 900 tons and for the carrying of girder erecting machine to complete transitions between bridges. It can realize straight traveling, oblique traveling, steering, and other modes. Its traveling, steering and hoisting are all driven hydraulically.

As of 2010, we had produced more than 60 sets of 900-ton rubber tyred railway girder transporter. These products were widely used in the construction of domestic high-speed railways. In addition, we have developed the 900-ton low girder transporting vehicle for mountainous areas. It perfectly solves the problem of extra processing of precast girders when passing tunnels.

Reference Parameters
Traveling way Rubber tyred
Rated loading capacity ≤900t
Height Common girder transporting vehicle: 2.75±0.35m
Low girder transporting vehicle: 2.25±0.35m
Lifting height (Ground to the top surface of the box girder) <35m
Minimum turning radius 30m
Traveling speed Full load (stepless speed regulation): 0~5 km/h
No load (stepless speed regulation): 0~10 km/h
Maximum gradeability at full load Longitudinal: ≥5%
Transverse (Herringbone slope): ≥4%

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Concrete Box Girder Equipment | Prestressed Concrete Beams | Truss Bridge Equipment

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