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DCY450 Series Rubber Tyred Railway Girder Transporter

Honor Obtained
Third prize of Henan Science and Technology Award

Patented Technology
1. Independent steering suspension mechanism for large self-propelled transporters (ZL200610081561.4)
2. Luffing self-propelled transporters (ZL01240166.8)
3. Dual circuit safety valve (ZL03254678.5)

Main Usage
The DCY450 series rubber tyred railway girder transporter is mainly used to transport precast concrete box girder. It can also realize the operation of girder feeding. Additionally, this vehicle can carry the girder erecting machine to achieve transitions between bridges.

Main Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L×W×H) 29.6×6.55×2.05±0.35m
Wheel base 1500m
Tread 4450/1450m
Min. turning radius Outside: 36.5m
Inside: 27.35m
Load mass 450t
Vehicle mass 130t
Tyre 11.00R20
Axle load 20.7t
Ground pressure 0.44MPa
Diesel engine Model: BF12L513C
Power: 300KW/2300rpm
Speed Max. speed at full load: 3Km/h
Max. speed at no load: 10Km/h

For different working conditions, we have designed and manufactured rubber tyred railway girder transporter with transport weight ranging from 450 tons to 1,000 tons.

We produced the first 900-ton rubber tyed girder transporting vehicle in 2004. This vehicle is used for the transport of box girder with the weight less than 900 tons. It can also carry the girder erecting machine to complete transitions between bridges. Till 2010, we had manufactured over 60 pieces of this vehicle. They had been widely applied in the construction of domestic high-speed railways. In addition, we have developed the low 900-ton girder transport equipment for mountainous areas. This product solves the problem that the precast needs to be processed extra when passing tunnels. It has been extensively adopted in the construction of multiple railway lines.

In 2010, our company designed and produced a 1000-ton rubber tyred girder transporting vehicle for South Korean Sangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. This product was used in the construction of Honam High Speed Railway to transport box girder with the length of 25m, 30m or 35m.

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Launching Girder Transport Equipment | Precast Construction | Reinforced Concrete Beam

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