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Railway Tyred Launching Gantry

Our railway tyred launching gantry adopts a two-span three-outrigger structure. During girder erection, the girder transporter is used to feed the girder. When the girder passes the hole, the cantilever is supported by the middle and rear outriggers to travel. The girder erection machine is carried by the girder transporter to complete transition between bridges.

Erecting girders by the launching gantry is easy, safe and reliable. Meanwhile, this equipment can realize two-way erection construction.

In 2010, our company designed and produced a 1000-ton rubber tyred girder launching machine for Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. This equipment was used to erect girders with the length of 25m, 30m or 35m in the construction of South Korean Honam High Speed Railway.

Reference Parameters
Rated lifting capacity ≤1000t
Girder span 40m, 32m, 24m, 20m
Lifting speed Heavy load: 0~0.5m/min
No load: 0~1.0m/min
Hole-passing displacement speed 0~3m/min
Adapted longitudinal slope 2%
Adapted minimum curve radius 600 m

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