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Railway Fixed Launching Gantry

Honor Obtained
First prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
Second prize of Henan Science and Technology Award

Patented Technology
High-speed railway bridge erecting machine for erecting double-track box girder (ZL99245110.8)
Concave abdominal type load-bearing main beam of launching gantry (ZL02279044.6)
Main weight-bearing guide beam for transporting precast girder through hole (ZL03235336.7)
Guide beam type fixed launching gantry (ZL200520143695.5)

The DF900D railway fixed launching gantry is used for the erection of 900-ton box girders in the construction of high-speed railway. It can be carried by the girder transporter to realize transition between bridges. This equipment uses guide beam to assist girder feeding and adopts fixed-point lifting. Girder erection is completed by the span support structure.

With simple structure as well as high safety and reliable, the girder erection equipment can meet the requirements of short-distance girder erection in the entrance and exit of tunnel. Till 2011, we had manufactured nearly 30 sets of DF900D railway fixed launching gantry. These products were widely used in the construction of domestic high-speed railways.

Reference Parameters
Rated lifting capacity ≤900t
Girder span 32m, 24m, 20m
Lifting speed Heavy load: 0~0.5m/min
No load: 0~1.0m/min
Hole-passing displacement speed 0~3m/min
Adapted longitudinal slope 2%
Adapted minimum curve radius 600 m

Related Names
Railway Construction Machine | Box Beam Equipment | Rail Bridge Equipment

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