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Railway Overhead Movable Scaffolding System

Product Name: DSZ900 self propelled upslung railway bridge erection machine
Patented Technology: ZL200720089445.7

Our DSZ900 railway overhead movable scaffolding system takes advantage of the end of the beam, pile cap, and pier to install outriggers, which has good stability. Its detailed features are described below.

1. This equipment adopts double-beam and two-span structure, yielding safer and faster construction.
2. It occupies small space under the bridge (minimum height of the space under the bridge is 1.7 meters). Its outriggers directly stand on pier top and there is no requirement on the shape of the pier. Therefore, this bridge fabrication machine is very suitable for low piers.
3. The construction of first and last spans is very convenient. No parts of the main beam or outer mold system need to be removed.
4. This railway overhead movable scaffolding system can directly pass through the tunnel after its outer mold system is removed.
5. The outer mold system is opened and closed transversely, which is novel and ingenious.
6. Longitudinal move and hanging are driven by motor. This is fast and convenient.
7. Lifting and transverse opening and closing are controlled hydraulically, which is smooth, safe and reliable. This also greatly reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency of construction.
8. Each outrigger can pass the bridge opening by itself and be installed in place, thus reducing the input of auxiliary equipment and the cost of construction.

The load-bearing main beam system is located above the bridge deck or pier top through the outriggers and the outer mold system is hung on the main beam system. The two moves longitudinally to pass the bridge opening. The outrigger can automatically move forwards and arrive at the required position. When passing the bridge opening, the outer mold system opens laterally to avoid the pier.

Main Technical Parameters
Adapted longitudinal slope 2.0%
Adapted curve radius ≥1500m
Maximum allowable wind pressure During displacement: 150N/m2
During pouring: 800N/m2
Automated way Longitudinal displacement is realized by large tonnage separate jack; lateral opening and closing of outer mold system are driven by motor; outrigger moving and installation are realized under the action of hydraulic cylinder
Total power About 95kW
Power condition AC 380V, 50Hz
Hydraulic system pressure 32MPa
Displacement speed 0-1.5m/min
Main beam deflection < L/700 (only consider the deflection caused by the concrete load and the dead weight of the inner mold)
Hole-passing stability factor k>1.5
Total weight About 530t (not include scattered molds at the support)
Design and construction period 10 days/span

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