1. Railway Overhead Movable Scaffolding SystemLifting and transverse opening and closing are controlled hydraulically, which is smooth, safe and reliable. This also greatly reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency of construction. Each outrigger can pass the bridge opening by itself and be installed in place, thus reducing the input of auxiliary equipment and the cost of construction.
    1. Railway Underslung Movable Scaffolding SystemThe load-bearing main beam system is supported on the pile caps through the outriggers, below the bridge deck. The outriggers are anchored on the pier by high-strength finish rolling rebars. The outer mold system is supported on the main beam. It moves longitudinally with the main beam. When passing the bridge opening longitudinally, the outer mold template laterally opens individually or with the main beam to avoid the pier.

Railway Movable Scaffolding System

For occasions where bridge precast field can not be set due to terrain and other conditions or it is uneconomical to adopt prefabrication and erection from the investment considerations, part of China's high-speed railway bridges are erected by using the railway movable scaffolding system. This machine uses pier or pile cap as the support base. After the template is installed, assemble the reinforcing steel bars and pour concrete. Tension the prestressed steel bars to form the box girder. Then, the equipment moves to the next span to construct. This bridge construction method originated in Europe in the 1950s. Currently, it is widely used in China's bridge construction.

Our company has designed and manufactured more than 80 sets of bridge erection machine for the construction of China's high-speed railways. These products are divided into two types, overhead type and underslung type. Designed according to the features of each bridge, these products well adapt to the complex terrain conditions, realize outrigger rearrangement, and create the fastest construction record of one hole per eight days.

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