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DPG500 Railway Track Laying Machine

Product Name: DPG500 railway track laying machine
Suitable for track laying with or without slag

Scientific and technological project of Ministry of Railways (project number: 2003G09-B)

With the increase in speed of railway traffic, requirement on smoothness of high-speed railway track becomes demanding. The DPG500 railway track laying machine is a piece of large automated special equipment developed to meet the requirement of laying high-speed railway spanned jointless track. It adopts the advanced single sleeper continuous laying method. Site and equipment used for assembling track panels are not needed. Meanwhile, track can be laid precisely, especially in curves; our product can effectively avoids the folded corner arising in the laying of long track panels, ensuring track laying accuracy.

China has become the fourth country mastering this technology and owning the product after the United States, Austria, and Sweden. We have created the world record of laying 4.8 kilometers of track in a day.

Technical Parameters of DPG500 Railway Track Laying Machine
Laying efficiency Sleeper arranging: 12 pieces/min
Track laying: 2km/12h
Steel rail 500m, 60kg/m long rail
Sleeper arranging precision Sleeper spacing error ±20mm
Sleeper spacing deviation for 6 continuous sleepers ±30mm
Deviation of track center and line center ±20mm
Sleep spacing adjustment range 400mm-800mm
Working environment Temperature: -20℃~+50℃
Wind: ≤ Level 6
Altitude: ≤2000m
Sleeper type Type III and type II
Adapted curve radius ≥400m
Adapted longitudinal slope ≤12%
Long-distance transport Max. axle load ≤20t
Construction speed ≤100km/h
Short-distance hanging transport speed ≤32km/h

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