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DPG25 Railway Track Laying Machine

The DPG25 railway track laying machine is a full cantilever single arm type product integrating mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technologies. It is applicable to track laying operation in construction of new railway lines and renovation of old lines.

This multi-functional large track-laying machine is composed of main unit, motorized flat car, and inverted gantry. It is mainly used for laying common long track panels with length of 25 meters, and it can also be used to lay track panels with wide sleepers.

1. Main Unit
Lifting capacity: 32 tons
Track panel: 6 layers of heavy track panels and 4 layers of wide-sleeper track panels
Operating line condition: Maximum longitudinal slope of 2%
Operating minimum curve radius: 300m
Minimum curve radius for train passing: 180m
Lifting trolley traveling: 0~60m/min, frequency control
Lifting speed: 4m/min
Drag speed of track panel: 0~20m/min, frequency control
Track laying speed: 3.5min/row

2. Motorized Flat Car
Load capacity: 120t
Cars and traveling: Two special flatbeds, hung together
Car traveling speed: 0~15km/h, frequency control, driven by DC traction motor
Line conditions: Maximum longitudinal slope of 2%; minimum curve radius for train passing of 180m

3. Inverted Gantry
Lifting capacity: 80t/piece
Raising speed at full load: 0.62m/min
Descending speed at full load: 1.22 m/min

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