1. DPG500 Railway Track Laying MachineIt adopts the advanced single sleeper continuous laying method. Site and equipment used for assembling track panels are not needed. Meanwhile, track can be laid precisely, especially in curves; our product can effectively avoids the folded corner arising in the laying of long track panels, ensuring track laying accuracy.
    1. DPG25 Railway Track Laying MachineThis multi-functional large track-laying machine is composed of main unit, motorized flat car, and inverted gantry. It is mainly used for laying common long track panels with length of 25 meters, and it can also be used to lay track panels with wide sleepers.

Railway Track Laying Machine

On June 21, 2006, our company produced China's first automatic high-speed railway track laying machine, DPG500, which was used in the construction of Chengdu - Daxian high-speed rail. This large automated special equipment satisfies the laying requirement of high-speed railway spanned jointless track and it can be used to lay sleeper and long steel rail for existing railways lines or new lines.

The three typical jointless track laying machine units are NTC track laying equipment produced by American Tamper company, TCM60 track laying unit manufactured by Swiss Matisa company, and SVMl000 long rail track laying unit of Austrian Plasser&Theurer company. The appearance of DPG500 makes China become the fourth country mastering this technology and owning this product after the United States, Sweden, and Austria. This equipment creates the world record of laying 4.8 kilometers of track per day.

In recent years, our company increases the development of automatic high-speed railway track laying equipment. In September 2010, the DPG25 railway track laying equipment was born in our company. It is mostly used to lay common long track panels with the length of 25 meters. Also, it can be used for laying track panels with wide sleepers.

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