Railway Construction Equipment

Our company is a professional railway construction equipment manufacturer. We are qualified for the design, manufacturing, leasing, and consulting of high-speed railway construction tools as well as engineering construction and contracting. We mainly provide railway gantry crane, railway girder transporter, railway launching gantry, railway bridge erection machine, railway track laying machine, and other high-speed railway facilities with weight less than 1,000 tons.

Our high-speed railway construction machine is a hi-tech product integrating mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies. We have independent intellectual property rights over some core technologies. The technical level of some products reaches international advanced level and some products fill the blank in the domestic and international market.

Our company has owned 24 patents in the high-speed railway construction equipment and we have undertaken more than 10 national-level research projects. For example, the DCY900 railway rubber tyred girder transporter belongs to the National 863 Plan Project (project number: 2003AA430180), National Torch Plan Project (project number: 2005EB041134), and National Key New Product Plan Project (project number: 2008GRD00014). The DLT series tire type transporter is included into the National Torch Plan Project (project number: 2008GH041358) and National Key New Product Plan Project (project number: 2007GRD00016).

In June 2011, the 1000-ton gantry crane, girder transporter and erecting machine designed and manufactured independently by our company were successfully applied in the HoNam high-speed rail line in South Korea. This marks that our company has become the first Chinese high-speed railway construction equipment manufacturer that truly breaks into the international high-speed rail market. Our products are highly praised by South Korean customers, marking that the quality and performance of our product as well as our after-sales services reach the world advanced level.

DPG25 Railway Track Laying Machine
450-Ton Launching Gantry 450 Ton Railway Rail Mounted Gantry Crane
DCY900 Series Railway Rubber Tyred
Girder Transporter
DSZ900 Self Propelled Upslung Railway Bridge
Erection Machine

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