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Standard Crane Load Monitoring System

This standard crane load monitoring system is developed for the customers that are sensitive to the cost. It meets the requirements of national standards on crane safety monitoring. Meanwhile, local I/O, such as analog input, switch input, and switch output, can be extended as per user needs. Additionally, three optional functions are offered, including remote monitoring service, GPS positioning, and wireless monitoring LAN.

1. The vehicle terminal is an embedded system which can provide a variety of communication interfaces according to actual needs. It complies with related national standards.

2. The processing terminal is provided with multiple commonly used communication interfaces, such as RS232, LIN, CAN, etc. It is compatible with many kinds of PLC, vehicle controller, car display, and others. It can directly monitor the vehicle bus communication.

3. Independent, extended I/O functions
Multi-channel analog input, switch input and switch output can be extended. This facilitates the upgrading of safety surveillance systems of old models.

4. Large-capacity local data can be saved and they are also easily exported. The saved data can be cleared automatically and the clear cycle can be set by the user.

5. GPRS/WCDMA remote transmission function (optional)

6. GPS function (optional)
Users can select the GPS function to realize vehicle positioning. When coupled with GPRS/WCDMA wireless transmission function, remote positioning, remote vehicle locking and regional control can be achieved.

7. Wireless monitoring LAN function (optional)
Wireless transmission through Zigbee or Bluetooth is provided. This enables the crane safety monitoring system to communicate with sensors or actuators that have wireless interfaces, so as to build a regional wireless monitoring and control network and realize Cloud Monitoring. Access to the safety monitoring system through a wireless terminal, such as personal cell phone, laptop, etc., in the region can be achieved.

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