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Advanced Crane Load Monitoring System

The advanced crane loading monitoring system is developed for large and medium-sized lifting machinery. It satisfies the requirements of national standards on mechanical equipment safety monitoring. Remote transmission unit and remote monitoring unit are added, which is conducive to remote security monitoring of mechanical equipment. Monitoring parameters can be added according to user requirements. In addition, remote control function is optional.

This surveillance system has complete functions. It is able to remotely monitor the running state of the equipment in real time and gives early warning about the abnormalities of the equipment, which improves the management level of equipment security monitoring.

1. Capable of recording various key parameters and allow users to view these parameters in real time
2. Can play back in chronological order
3. Can record and remotely check the current position of the equipment
4. The period of use of the equipment can be controlled through the network or text messages
5. Capable of remotely monitoring the use of the equipment and recording the construction information of the equipment
6. Can save various running information of the equipment in the server
7. Can give early warnings on conventional faults and save fault information
8. Monitoring parameters can be set by the users and they can be filtered
9. Can manage equipment running file
10. The advanced crane load monitoring system is a good choice for users who have certain restrictions on cost and high functional requirements

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