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Professional Crane Load Monitoring System

Our professional crane load monitoring system can meet the safety monitoring requirements of large, extra large, and special engineering cranes. In addition to basic monitoring functions, this product provides many other high-quality functions.

The remote control module provides corresponding remote debugging, fault diagnosis and fault repair services. Different-precision geographic information of the lifting machinery is offered. This monitoring system also controls the safe use period of the lifting equipment. In addition, personalized customized services are also available.

Functions of Professional Crane Load Monitoring System
1. Meet the requirements of national standards; can record various key parameters and allow these parameters to be viewed in real time
2. Can play back according to the chronological order
3. Capable of recording and remotely viewing current location of the lifting equipment
4. Can control the use period of the equipment through the network
5. Can remotely monitor the use of the equipment and record the construction information of the equipment
6. Capable of saving various operating information of the lifting machinery in the server
7. Can give early warnings on conventional faults and save fault information
8. Allow users to set the monitoring parameters and can filter these parameters
9. Capable of managing equipment running records
10. Capable of remotely debugging the equipment
11. Can monitor all the operations carried out on the lifting equipment and allow users to view operating records
12. Can remotely download the PLC program
13. Can limit the geographic scope of the use of the equipment
14. Can generate various reports according to the needs of the enterprise
15. Capable of being seamlessly connected with other existing systems of the enterprise
16. Provide OPC interface, through which the professional crane load monitoring system can communicate with mainstream PLC, such as Siemens PLC, Mitsubishi PLC, etc., to read a variety of real-time data
17. Suitable for lifting equipment with demanding requirements on safety monitoring

Hardware Configuration
Vehicle terminal: Professional car industrial personal computer, like TREK-753
Communication interface: CAN, VGA, RS-232, LIN, and other commonly used interfaces

Software Configuration
Terminal operating system: Windows XP / Server 2003

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