1. Standard Crane Load Monitoring SystemMulti-channel analog input, switch input and switch output can be extended. This facilitates the upgrading of safety surveillance systems of old models. Large-capacity local data can be saved and they are also easily exported. The saved data can be cleared automatically and the clear cycle can be set by the user. Users can select the GPS function to realize vehicle positioning. When coupled with GPRS/WCDMA wireless transmission function, remote positioning, remote
    1. Advanced Crane Load Monitoring SystemRemote transmission unit and remote monitoring unit are added, which is conducive to remote security monitoring of mechanical equipment. Monitoring parameters can be added according to user requirements. In addition, remote control function is optional. This surveillance system has complete functions. It is able to remotely monitor the running state of the equipment in real time and gives early warning about the abnormalities of the equipment, which improves
    1. Professional Crane Load Monitoring SystemThe remote control module provides corresponding remote debugging, fault diagnosis and fault repair services. Different-precision geographic information of the lifting machinery is offered. This monitoring system also controls the safe use period of the lifting equipment. In addition, personalized customized services are also available.

Crane Load Monitoring System

The crane load monitoring system is a complete set of device management solution developed for ensuring operation safety, controllability and manageability of lifting machinery. It can reflect real-time, real and effective operating conditions of the lifting machinery, and it is able to monitor, record, and play back the operating parameters and driver's operating instructions. Core functions of the surveillance system are ensuring safe operation of the lifting machinery, giving early warnings on possible dangers of lifting machinery, as well as conducting remote diagnosis and fault repair for malfunctioning lifting equipment according to historical data.

Our crane load monitoring system is based on the three business needs of equipment safety monitoring, equipment information recording, and equipment remote control. It collects equipment information and allows for real-time communication. It can diagnose faults and give timely warning against abnormal situations in a variety of ways. Through real-time monitoring and control of various information of the equipment, it ensures the normal operation of equipment and comprehensively improves the security of large-scale lifting machinery.

Our product has been successfully applied on wind power crane. To meet different needs of different enterprises, we provide monitoring systems of different configuration and functions. There are mainly three types, standard type, advanced type, and professional type.

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