1. DF Multi-purpose Highway Launching GantryThis equipment is suitable for erecting railway girder of 2201, 2101 and 9753 types and for laying railway track panel with the length of 25 meters. It is also applicable to the erection of highway T-shaped girder with the weight less than 180 tons and the length less than 40 meters. Adopting a new structure, this highway and railway launching gantry can feed a beam onto a beam, so the distance between the rail surface and the bottom surface of main beam is 3.15 meters during girder erection
    1. DFⅢ Urban Highway Launching GantryThe outrigger position is flexibly adjustable, making it more convenient to erect span-variable bridge by using this urban highway launching gantry.
      This urban highway launching gantry can operate in the transverse direction, so the edge beam can be easily installed.
      It has stronger capability to erect oblique or curved bridges.
    1. DP Spliced Highway Launching GantryIt is suitable for use in construction of simply supported beam bridge and continuous beam bridge. According to construction technology, it is mainly divided into two types, entire hole assembling and cantilevered assembling. Assembling construction method is widely used in the bridge engineering of high-speed railway and urban rail transit projects.
    1. DXP Suspended Highway Launching GantryOur DXP150 cantilevered assembling bridge erecting machine has longitudinal, lateral, and vertical fine-tuning functions. It is capable of traveling with no counterweight. It has also passed the 180-ton heavy-load test. Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Railways had come to inspect the bridge and met experts from our company.

Highway Launching Gantry

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