1. Highway Tyred Gantry CraneThe DLT highway tyred gantry crane developed by our company has many traveling functions, such as straight traveling, oblique traveling, transverse traveling, center rotation, etc. It is flexible and convenient to travel when carrying objects.
    1. Highway Semi-Gantry Crane Our highway semi-gantry crane adopts the design of outrigger gantry crane structure on one side and bridge crane structure on another side, which improves space utilization and brings better economic benefit.
    1. Highway Rail Mounted Gantry CraneThe highway rail mounted gantry crane developed by our company is successfully used for lifting and transporting large constructional elements in high-speed railway, maglev train, shipyard and other fields. It combines the lifting and handling of large components successfully, which greatly improves efficiency of lifting and transport and saves cost of investment.

Highway Gantry Crane

Our company mainly provides three types of highway gantry crane, which are tyred type, semi-gantry type, and rail mounted type. They are mainly used for loading, unloading, and transporting in shipyard, oil field, warehouse, port, pier, beam filed, and material yard. In addition, they can be used in conjunction with other special lifting devices to complete many kinds of special operations.

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