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ME1300-36A3 Aqueduct Gantry Crane

Product Name: ME1300-36A3 Aqueduct Gantry Crane

Our ME1300-36A3 aqueduct gantry crane is composed of door frame, traveling mechanism, steering system, hoisting mechanism and hydraulic electronic control system. It runs on the fixed track in precast yard or across piers to complete the lifting, transferring and loading of aqueduct with the length of 29.96 meters.

1. This product is provided with a generator set and it is powered by the 380V/50Hz three-phase five-wire electrical system.
2. The gate-shaped frame is made up of two main beams and four outriggers. The left side outriggers and the main beams are fixed, while the right side outriggers are double-hinged to the top of the main beams. The main beam adopts a steel box girder structure.
3. Each aqueduct gantry crane is equipped with 8 cart running mechanisms and 4 rotary support devices. The cart running mechanism provides support and driving force for running. The rotary support device provides support to ensure that the cart running mechanism realizes 90-degree steering to achieve transverse movement of the aqueduct lifting equipment.
4. Lifting lateral movement is finished by the two crown blocks on top of each main beam. The crown block supports the pulley block on the hook. Under the crown block of main beam A is single-lifting-point lifting sling and under the crown block of main beam B is double-lifting-point lifting sling, thereby forming four-point lifting and three-point balancing.
5. With special lifting slings, the aqueduct gantry crane can realize the transfer of the whole aqueduct launching gantry.

General Technical Requirements
Dimensions (L×W×H) M3 42.48×31.27×45.53
Span m 36.0
Lifting height m 35.0
Rated lifting weight t 2×650 (with slings)
Total weight t 900
Lifting speed at full load m/min Variable, 0-0.5
Lifting speed at no load m/min Variable, 0-1.0
Traveling speed of crown block at full load m/min Variable, 0-3.0
Traveling speed of crown block at no load m/min Variable, 0-6.0
Cart running speed at full load m/min Variable, 0-5.0
Cart running speed at no load m/min Variable, 0-10.0

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