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DY1300 Aqueduct Rail Mounted Transporter

The aqueduct rail mounted transporter consists of gantry crane A, gantry crane B, four sets of connecting rod, generator set, electronic control system, and hydraulic system. It runs on a fixed track to transport the aqueduct with the length of 29.96 meters.

1. This equipment is powered by a 380V/50Hz three-phase five-wire electrical system. The supplied power is from a generator set which is attached with the equipment.

2. The overall structure of the aqueduct transport equipment is formed by two gantry cranes and four connecting rods of truss structure. The two gantry cranes connected by connecting rods can realize linkage. When removing the connecting rods, the two gantry cranes can be operated separately.

3. In addition to transporting aqueduct, the rail mounted transporter is also able to carry the aqueduct launching gantry from the construction site back to the aqueduct production venue.

Product Name: DY1300 Aqueduct Transporter

General Technical Requirements
Dimensions (L×W×H) m3 33.91×18.825×3.59
Wheel-rail span m 8.35+1.35+8.35
Rated load t 2×650, with sling
Total weight t 240.15
Running speed at full load m/min Variable, 0-13.3
Running speed at no load m/min Variable, 0-24
Adapted longitudinal slope % ±0.5
Max. wheel pressure of cart t 24
Running track of cart 43 rail
Generator power KW 120×2

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