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DF1300-20.8A3 Aqueduct Launching Gantry

The DF1300-20.8A3 aqueduct launching gantry is made up of guide beams, two gantry cranes, hydraulic system, and electronic control system. Its lower guide beam is placed on the support base which is on the precast aqueduct pier. The erection of 26.96-meter-long aqueduct is completed through the longitudinal movement of the two gantry cranes on the guide beam.

1. This aqueduct launching gantry is powered by a 380 V / 50 Hz three-phase five-wire electrical system. Two generator sets are used as the power supply. They are installed on the two gantry cranes respectively.
2. A support base is placed on each aqueduct pier. The two guide beams are placed on the support bases and they spans three aqueduct piers. They can move longitudinally along the support base. Two sets of door-shaped connecting beams connect the two guide beams together, forming a rigid structure.
3. During aqueduct erection and hole passing, the support base is fixed on the platform of the pier cap. After the hole passing procedure is finished, detach the support base from the pier cap platform. With the help of a jack, the support base can pass through the hole.

Product Name: DF1300-20.8A3 Aqueduct Launching Gantry

General Technical Requirements
Dimensions (L×W×H) m3 91.451×25.9×34.16
Span m 20.8
Lifting height m 15.0
Rated lifting capacity t 2×650, with lifting slings
Total weight t 1000
Lifting speed at full load m/min Variable, 0-0.75
Lifting speed at no load m/min Variable, 0-1.5
Traveling speed of crown block at full load m/min Variable, 0-3.0
Traveling speed of crown block at no load m/min Variable, 0-6.0
Cart running speed at full load m/min Variable, 0-3.0
Cart running speed at no load m/min Variable, 0-6.0
Adapted longitudinal slope % ±0.5
Max. Wheel pressure of cart t 28
Max. Wheel pressure of crown block t 33
Running track of cart P43

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