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40m Span 1600 Ton Aqueduct Movable Scaffolding System

DZ40/1600 U-shaped Aqueduct Movable Scaffolding System
Cast-in-place construction in Tuan River in South-North Water Transfer Project

1. This 40m span 1600 ton aqueduct movable scaffolding system adopts the inner and outer main beam structure. Its inner and outer mold systems are hung on the inner and outer main beams respectively, which is reasonable.
2. The opening and closing of template is controlled by the hydraulic system.
3. The outer main beam has a box-shaped frame section and it has high rigidity. The ratio of deflection to span caused by the concrete load to the outer main beam is no more than 1/1000.
4. A canopy can be set at the top of the aqueduct fabrication machine, enabling cast-in-place construction work around the clock.
5. This aqueduct fabrication equipment is driven by motor to pass the hole. It travels stably, safely and efficiently.

Span 40m, Linear orthogonal aqueduct
Weight of aqueduct 1600t, among which concrete weights 1500 tons
Adapted longitudinal slope ±5‰, consistent with the longitudinal slope of the aqueduct body
Moving speed of the whole equipment 0~1m/min
Total power of the whole equipment 150kW, excluding welding equipment, concrete pouring equipment and concrete vibrator
Total weight of the whole equipment About 1250t
Dimensions (L×W×H) 88m×13.5m×16.5m

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