1. Aqueduct Gantry CraneThe gate-shaped frame is made up of two main beams and four outriggers. The left side outriggers and the main beams are fixed, while the right side outriggers are double-hinged to the top of the main beams. The main beam adopts a steel box girder structure. Each aqueduct gantry crane is equipped with 8 cart running mechanisms and 4 rotary support devices. The cart running mechanism provides support and driving force for running.
    1. Aqueduct TransporterThe overall structure of the aqueduct transport equipment is formed by two gantry cranes and four connecting rods of truss structure. The two gantry cranes connected by connecting rods can realize linkage. When removing the connecting rods, the two gantry cranes can be operated separately. In addition to transporting aqueduct, the aqueduct transport equipment is also able to carry the aqueduct launching gantry from the construction site back to the aqueduct production venue.
    1. Aqueduct Launching GantryA support base is placed on each aqueduct pier. The two guide beams are placed on the support bases and they spans three aqueduct piers. They can move longitudinally along the support base. Two sets of door-shaped connecting beams connect the two guide beams together, forming a rigid structure.

Aqueduct Construction Equipment

Our company is capable of designing and manufacturing aqueduct construction equipment. We can also provide related leasing and consulting as well as engineering construction and contracting services. Our main products include aqueduct gantry crane, transporter, launching gantry, and erection machine. We have independent intellectual property rights over these products and the technical level of these products reaches the international advanced level.

Our company won the bidding to provide aqueduct construction equipment for three projects in the middle line of South-North Water Transfer Project. These three projects are Sha River Project, Shuangji River Project, and Rui River Project. We designed the ME1300-36A3 aqueduct gantry crane, 30m span 2500 ton aqueduct erection machine, and 40m span 1600 ton aqueduct erection machine for those three projects respectively.
South-North Water Transfer Project Construction Committee of the State Council sent experts to our company to examine those machines. The experts highly praised our products and said that "New Dafang creates three world records in the aqueduct construction field".

DY1300 Aqueduct Transporter
ME1300-36A3 Aqueduct Gantry Crane
ME1300-36A3 Aqueduct Gantry Crane

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