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Mining Drill Jumbo

By removing all kinds of unnecessary devices, operation is more convenient

Single-arm Drill Jumbo Double-arm Drill Jumbo
Model Working area of arm (m) Chassis width (m) Model Working area of arm (m) Chassis width (m)
DPH 12.8×9.1 2.74-4.57 DPXH 18.9×12.2 3.22
EPH/EPI 12.8×9.1 2.44 EPH 17.1×9.1 2.74-4.57
DPI 12.8×8.5 2.44 EPH/EPI 17.1×9.1 2.44
2.44DPIS 10.7×7.3 1.98 DPI 12.2×7.3 2.44
DPI1.98N 9.5×6.7 1.68 DPIS 11. ×6.7 1.98
CANNON Hydraulic Rotary Impact Drilling Rig
Model Drill pipe Frequency(RPM) Impact energy
CH-32 32mm 9000 13kw
CH-38 38mm 6000 18kw
CANNON Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig
Model Maximum torque Rotation speed (RPM)
CHR1 650 ft-lb 600
CHR2 360 ft-lb 1000
CHR3 225 ft-lb 1700
Power Choice
Hydraulic diesel power(HD)
Hydraulic electric power (HE)
Hydraulic electric and diesel power (HED)
Passing MSHA certification, suitable for use in gas mine
Appropriate configuration of power maximizes production while maintaining good air quality in underground mines
Frame Selection
Six frame choices, creating optimal jumbo controllability and turning radius
Make it easy to drive this drilling equipment in underground mines
Chassis designed to satisfy customer requirements brings more convenient maintenance
Model Power Chassis width Number of arm
DPIN Diesel 1.68m 1
DPIS Diesel 1.98m 1 or 2
DPI Diesel 2.44m 1 or 2
DPH Diesel 2.74-4.57m 1 or 2
DPXH Diesel 3.22m 2
EPI/EPH Electric 3.44m 1 or 2

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