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Electric Mining Service Truck

Multi-functional Electric Mining Service Truck——Make Your Mining Operations Never Stop
1. Loosen soil
2. Lubricating oil transporter
3. Scissor lift truck
4. Snowplow
5. Telescopic crane
6. Six-person transporter
7. People lifting
8. Dump truck
9. Flat car
10. Nine-person transporter

DUV 40
1. Four-wheel steering, small turning radius, strong maneuverability
2. Heavy-load spring, smooth drive on road with potholes
3. Built-in static-pressure wet disc brake, easy manipulation on steep slopes
4. Dynamic load can be loaded according to actual working conditions

EUV 25
1. Battery-powered, zero emission
2. 10.9km/h on 25-degree slope
3. Spare 6V 400mtp battery

DUV 25
1. Large worktable on the rear
2. With 25 horsepower engine, speed can reach 25.6km/h
3. Three-people cab

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