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Multifunction Electric Mining Truck

Multifunction Electric Mining Truck (EUV-400)
1. Zero emission, low noise
2. Four-wheel drive, 25hp motor
3. 16km/h on 25% slope
4. Load capacity of 450kg
5. High-performance battery

Electric Drive System
Electric motor Oldenburg 25Hp 1800rpm
Battery 12 Lithium-ion batteries or lead - acid batteries
6V 400Amp
System voltage 70V
Digital A/C drive converter Yes
Power display Yes
Vehicle Performance
Speed 16kph
Gradeability 25%
Traction control Rear limited slip differential
Gear box 4.38:1 reduction gear
Four-wheel drive Full-time
Payload 453.6kg
Turning radius 5.0m
Vehicle Weight and Size
Empty weight 1960kg
Total weight (with 500 pounds of load and two passengers) 2413kg
Total length 3.7m
Total width 1.7m
Wheelbase 2.2m
Height 2.1m
Distance between vehicle middle and ground 0.3m
Ground clearance 0.2m
Steering & Suspension
Steering Mechanical without assistance
Suspension Front suspension: Disc, shock absorption, vertical arm
Rear suspension: leaf springs, shock absorption
Optional Diesel Engine
Diesel engine power 25Hp
Payload 1360.8kg
Max. speed 26kph

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