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Mining Explosive Loading Truck

Mining Explosive Loading Truck (ANFO)
1. Internationally advanced technology, solid and durable, excellent performance
2. Designed and produced in accordance with the highest safety standards
3. Low running costs
4. Easy-to-maintain hydraulic power system

UV-11(ANFO) Mining Explosive Loading Truck
Jib and Lifting Platform
Standard jib and standard hanging basket Standard jib and large hanging basket Large jib and standard hanging basket
Rated lifting weight of platform 612kg 453kg 226kg
Max. Working height 9.5m 9.5m 10.9m
Max. Steering angle +/-110 +/-110 +/-110
Max. Working radius (to hinge point of jib) 10.3m 10.8m 11.9m
Horizontal steering angle of platform +/-45 +/-45 +/-45
Working section 8.5m×14.6m 9.1m×15.2m 9.7m×16.7m
Machine Size
Max. width 2.83m 2.72m 2.83m
Max. height 3.3m 3.1m 3.3m
Inner turning radius 3.6m 3.6m 3.6m
Outer turning radius 7.4m 7.8m 7.7m
Total length (jib retracted) 12.1m 12.5m 13.1m
Engine and Power System Cummins (standard configuration) Benz (optional)
Model QSB 4.5904C
Power 160hp(119KW) 174hp(130KW)
Torque 622Nm 569Nm
Exhaust device Muffler, catalytic purification
Steering hinged ±27.5°
Swing angle ±30°
Speed on 10% slope 6.0mph
Dead weight 22227kg
Width (Outrigger unfolded) 5.2m
Wheelbase 5.5m
Min. Ground clearance 0.3m
Operating Room
Noise <82dBA
Airtight pressurized cab Equipped
Falling object protective device Equipped
ROPS Equipped

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