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Mining Hydraulic Transporter

The WC40Y mining hydraulic transporter is mainly used to transport hydraulic support in the mechanized mining face. It is an efficient tool for realizing fast moving of mechanized mining face. It is characterized by large load capacity, fast speed, and high efficiency.

Powered by a diesel engine, this transporter is specially designed for the transport of hydraulic support with the spacing of 1.75 meters in mechanized mining face. It is composed of front rack assembly, rear rack, steering mechanism, lifting mechanism, clamping mechanism engine assembly, lock rod assembly, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, and electrical system.

Model Description
W: Trackless
C: Diesel power
40: Load capacity of 40 tons
Y: Hydraulic transmission

Executive Standard MT/T989-2006 General Technical Conditions of the Mining Explosion-Proof Diesel Trackless Rubber Tire Vehicle
Q/ZDF052-2011 Hydraulic Support Truck
Service environment conditions Can be used in mines with explosive gas (methane)
Ambient operating temperature -20℃~+40℃
Relative humidity ≤90%, at +25℃
Altitude ≤1100m
Recommended roadway conditions Width: 5000mm
Height: 1900mm
Vehicle Dimensions (L×W×H) 9570mm×3560mm×1695mm
Load capacity 40000kg
Traveling speed No load: 0-24km/h
Full load: 0-12km/h
Gradeability 12%
Dead weight 25t
Min. ground clearance 290mm
Articulated manner Center hinged
Steering mode Steering wheel / dual hydraulic steering cylinder
Engine power 220±5% KW
Engine speed 2200r/min
Rated power of lighting power supply generator 500W
Voltage DC24V

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