1. Mining Drill JumboSix frame choices, creating optimal jumbo controllability and turning radius
      Make it easy to drive this drilling equipment in underground mines
      Chassis designed to satisfy customer requirements brings more convenient maintenance
    1. Mining Rock Bolting JumboAdopting internationally advanced technology, this mining rock bolting jumbo is solid and durable with excellent performance
      The high-performance drilling rig is four times more efficient than traditional products
      Multiple power, hydraulic and drill boom for choice
      The equipment is easy to maintain
    1. Mining Explosive Loading TruckInternationally advanced technology, solid and durable, excellent performance
      Designed and produced in accordance with the highest safety standards
      Low running costs
      Easy-to-maintain hydraulic power system
    1. Mining Hydraulic Transporter Powered by a diesel engine, this transporter is specially designed for the transport of hydraulic support with the spacing of 1.75 meters in mechanized mining face. It is composed of front rack assembly, rear rack, steering mechanism, lifting mechanism, clamping mechanism engine assembly, lock rod assembly, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, and electrical system.

Mining Equipment

Oldenburg Group Incorporated, referred to as OGI, was founded in 1858. It is a global mining machinery supplier and a first-class military equipment R&D and production enterprise in the United States. Through the commercialization of the world's top military equipment technology, OGI has developed a series of mining equipment products, some of which have enjoyed market sales of the first for many consecutive years.

OGI's mining machinery is known for its durability, reliable performance, and easy maintenance in the world's mining industry. It is widely used for mining, transport, and other operations in various mines. These products include coal mine hydraulic support transporter, explosion-proof operation truck, battery-powered service vehicle, drill jumbo, rock bolting jumbo, multifunction electric mining truck, and so on. In addition, OGI also provides high-performance drill rigs and electric motors.

Our company is the Asian general agent for OGI and OGI is our distributor in Americas. We have jointly developed products, cooperatively manufactured products, and collaboratively served customers. To build China's most advanced mining equipment supplier, OGI and our company have launched world's leading mining machinery products in terms of technical content, product performance, and manufacturing quality. These products are widely used in the mining, energy, traffic, water conservancy, and other engineering fields.

Integrating the most advanced service and management concepts in the world's mining equipment industry, we have brought the concepts of customer satisfaction and customer interests maximization to the entire operating process from research and development to production, and then to sales and installation, and finally to after-sales services. This helps to ensure the high quality and reliable performance of the product and to guarantee fast and professional after-sales services.

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