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    1. Wind Turbine Boom CraneThis equipment meets the requirements of lifting the 2.5MW wind turbine produced by major domestic and foreign wind turbine manufacturers.
      Special crane mouth design
      With boom lifted, this wind turbine boom crane can realize straight traveling, oblique movement, and transverse traveling.
    1. Wind Turbine Hydraulic Wheeled Tower CraneThis product meets the requirement of lifting wind turbines with capacity no more than 2.5MW. The maximum lifting height is 96 meters and the maximum lifted mass is 90 tons. For the modified product, the two parameters are 115 meters and 65 tons respectively. The QLY9096 wind turbine hydraulic wheeled tower crane is a kind of mobile product developed for the construction of 2.5MW wind turbine. It is a scientific research achievement realized by our research personnel by utilizing more than
    1. Aqueduct Gantry CraneThe gate-shaped frame is made up of two main beams and four outriggers. The left side outriggers and the main beams are fixed, while the right side outriggers are double-hinged to the top of the main beams. The main beam adopts a steel box girder structure. Each aqueduct gantry crane is equipped with 8 cart running mechanisms and 4 rotary support devices. The cart running mechanism provides support and driving force for running.
    1. Aqueduct TransporterThe overall structure of the aqueduct transport equipment is formed by two gantry cranes and four connecting rods of truss structure. The two gantry cranes connected by connecting rods can realize linkage. When removing the connecting rods, the two gantry cranes can be operated separately. In addition to transporting aqueduct, the aqueduct transport equipment is also able to carry the aqueduct launching gantry from the construction site back to the aqueduct production venue.
    1. Aqueduct Launching GantryA support base is placed on each aqueduct pier. The two guide beams are placed on the support bases and they spans three aqueduct piers. They can move longitudinally along the support base. Two sets of door-shaped connecting beams connect the two guide beams together, forming a rigid structure.
    1. Aqueduct Movable Scaffolding System
    1. DCY Tunnel Plate TransporterIt is characterized by two-way driving, narrow width, low height, fast speed, and strong climbing ability. We have designed different models of this product for tunnels of different diameters. These products have been successfully applied in the construction of multiple domestic tunnels. The tunnel plate transporter was developed by our company in 2004 for transporting segment, box culvert, and turnover materials in large-diameter tunnel construction.
    1. Mining Drill JumboSix frame choices, creating optimal jumbo controllability and turning radius
      Make it easy to drive this drilling equipment in underground mines
      Chassis designed to satisfy customer requirements brings more convenient maintenance
    1. Mining Rock Bolting JumboAdopting internationally advanced technology, this mining rock bolting jumbo is solid and durable with excellent performance
      The high-performance drilling rig is four times more efficient than traditional products
      Multiple power, hydraulic and drill boom for choice
      The equipment is easy to maintain
    1. Electric Mining Truck
    1. Mining Explosive Loading TruckInternationally advanced technology, solid and durable, excellent performance
      Designed and produced in accordance with the highest safety standards
      Low running costs
      Easy-to-maintain hydraulic power system
    1. Mining Hydraulic Transporter Powered by a diesel engine, this transporter is specially designed for the transport of hydraulic support with the spacing of 1.75 meters in mechanized mining face. It is composed of front rack assembly, rear rack, steering mechanism, lifting mechanism, clamping mechanism engine assembly, lock rod assembly, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, and electrical system.
    1. Standard Crane Load Monitoring SystemMulti-channel analog input, switch input and switch output can be extended. This facilitates the upgrading of safety surveillance systems of old models. Large-capacity local data can be saved and they are also easily exported. The saved data can be cleared automatically and the clear cycle can be set by the user. Users can select the GPS function to realize vehicle positioning. When coupled with GPRS/WCDMA wireless transmission function, remote positioning, remote
    1. Advanced Crane Load Monitoring SystemRemote transmission unit and remote monitoring unit are added, which is conducive to remote security monitoring of mechanical equipment. Monitoring parameters can be added according to user requirements. In addition, remote control function is optional. This surveillance system has complete functions. It is able to remotely monitor the running state of the equipment in real time and gives early warning about the abnormalities of the equipment, which improves
    1. Professional Crane Load Monitoring SystemThe remote control module provides corresponding remote debugging, fault diagnosis and fault repair services. Different-precision geographic information of the lifting machinery is offered. This monitoring system also controls the safe use period of the lifting equipment. In addition, personalized customized services are also available.