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New DAFANG Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer with an expert inclination toward the design, production, installation, and leasing of specialized construction equipment. We are a national well known enterprise that was formerly known as DAFANG Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. Our products are divided into 8 comprehensive categories and more than 80 specifications. Within this selection, customers will find the railway gantry crane, railway girder transporter, highway launching gantry, bridge erection machine, self-propelled shipyard transporter, wind turbine lifting equipment, and much more. We export globally to more than 20 countries and regions including Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, etc.

The company property spans more than 250,000 square meters. As the leading domestic brand in the bridge construction industry, New DAFANG has successively developed products for the expressway, high-speed railway, urban rail transit, ship engineering, maglev train, water conservancy, metallurgy, and wind turbine installation.

We have provided nearly 40 billion RMB of construction equipment to more than 500 key construction projects across the nation. These include the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Railway, Shanghai maglev train project, South-North Water Transfer Project, etc.

Innovation leads to progression, and vice-versa. In an effort to alleviate foreign monopoly, we have decisively filled in the gap on the domestic market. Our company has made significant contributions toward more than 20 national programs including 863, TORCH, Technology Pillar, etc. We have successfully filled in 20 vacancies in the domestic market, setting 16 national precedents in the process.

New DAFANG has overseen and participated in the drafting of both national and industry standards. We received over 10 provincial level Technology Progression Awards. Through worldwide exchange forums with well-known learning and research institutions, we have established an effective system for joint research. In order to further enhance our development potential, we have invested in Academician Workstation, Postdoctoral Research Workstation, and the Henan Province Engineering Research Center for Heavy Installation Equipment.

Continual support from society, the government, as well as new and returning customers have largely influenced our corporate perspective. Our mission is to create value for our staff, clientele, and society. Through sincerity and perseverance, we will foster our innovative initiative and exceed all expectations. In recognition of our accomplishments, we were presented with titles such as "National Enterprise Technology Center" and "Key Hi-tech Enterprise in the National TORCH Program". The province of Henan has named us as a "Top 100 Enterprise", "Innovative Enterprise", "Highly Progressive Private Corporation", and "Pilot Enterprise for Innovative Products".

Nowadays New DAFANG possesses enormous potential for research and development. We strive to achieve new breakthroughs in fields such as aerospace, coal mining, dock & port, offshore oil, desert & shallow-sea rescue, and urban high-rise fire fighting. With customer satisfaction as our utmost priority, we will continue to make noteworthy contributions to China's special construction equipment industry!

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