Corporate Culture

Recognition System

Logo Interpretation
Corporate identity is the visual sign that is mostly frequently used by a corporate. It is a symbol of the corporate. Our identity is composed of nearly inverted D and F. The white gap in between likes a raising white sail.

The square identity is simple and modest, according with the features of the enterprise and industry. The main color of blue indicates the properties of profoundness, modesty and high technology. The whole identity is positive and progressive, implying the good wishes of smooth development of the enterprise.

Brand Proposition: Foresight, innovation, initiative, success
New Dafang people aim for the highest. We have far-sighted sagacity and we can succeed by initiative, perseverance and constant innovation, thus becoming the industry leader.

Brand Promise: Continue to innovate and develop for leading the industry

Concept System

Core Value: People orientation, pursuit of excellence, harmonious coexistence
Tenet: Create value for employees, customers, shareholders, and society
Vision: Continue to be a leader in the special construction equipment industry
Spirit: Honest and trustworthy, self-improvement, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence
Mission: Prosper enterprise, enrich employees, and benefit society
Development Strategy: Seek development by scale, seize market by brand; create benefits by management, keep vitality by innovation

Business Philosophy: We continue to innovate for the customer.
Service Philosophy: Stand in customer's shoes, show expert level
Innovative Ideas: Only innovation guarantees continuous development of the enterprise.
Team Concept: Responsibility, cooperation, learning, innovation
Customer Philosophy: Win-win situation is the basis and development is the goal.
Core Competitiveness: Own products with independent intellectual property rights by means of independent research and development as well as technological innovation; achieve the goals of filling in blanks and breaking monopoly as well as leading industry development

Behavior System

Code of Conduct: Honest, upright and dedicated, constantly go beyond, teamwork, powerful execution

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