R&D Ability

We are a national-level hi-tech enterprise engaged in designing, producing, selling, installing, and renting out special construction equipment. We were identified as a national-level Enterprise Technology Center in 2009 and as a post-doctoral research station and academician workstation in 2010.

Our company currently has more than 1200 employees, among which nearly 300 people are directly engaged in R & D. These employees are majored in mechanics, electric, automatic control, bridge, chemical, and others, covering a wide range.

We always attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation. We invest a lot of funds in scientific and technological research and development every year. For example, investment in R & D in 2010 is more than 3,000 million, accounting for 4.5% of the annual sales revenue. In addition, our company has implemented a technological innovation incentive mechanism which mobilizes the enthusiasm and creativity of the researchers to the greatest extent and ensures orderly scientific and technological research and development.

Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Station Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate National-Level Enterprise Technology Center Academician Workstation
Heavy Duty Transport Equipment Engineering Research Center in Henan Province Key Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise in Henan Province
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