Professional Crane Load Monitoring System

Service Concept
Our company always adheres to the tenet of "leading by technology, quality and efficiency, customer first, abide by the contract". We attach great importance to product quality and after-sales service.

Overview of After-sales Service
Our after-sales service department is mainly responsible for the disassembly, installation, accessory sales, and other service work of our product which has been sold. It has four branches, which are installation department, service department, accessory department, and technical department.

Installation department: Responsible for product disassembly and installation

Service department: Responsible for on-site commissioning and examination

Accessory department: Responsible for accessory sales

Technical department: Responsible for technical support during the process of product disassembly, installation, and service

Service Commitment
1. For new product installation or site change services, we will arrive at the site on time according to the contract and complete the work within the pre-agreed period, unless there are force majeure factors, such as snowstorm, mudslide, etc. We will operate in strict accordance with the drawings, process documents, and procedures. We promise that the scene management and security measures are proper.
2. For equipment troubleshooting, our technician will contact the customer within 5 minutes after he or she receives the notification from the department. Clarify the fault conditions and predict the cause of the fault. The processing method in text form should be ready within one to two hours. This text and the processing result should be archived.
3. If the service radius is within 200km, we will arrive at the site within 12 hours. If the service radius exceeds 200km, we can reach the site within 24 hours. If we need to contact the equipment accessory manufacturers to co-process the accessory problems, we will inform the customers of the processing result within 12 hours.
4. If our technicians are unable to reach the site on time due to special reasons, we will contact the customers and explain the reasons timely. Only after we are understood by the customers and after we determine the specific time to arrive at the scene can we delay arriving.

After-sales Maintenance Services

Maintenance within Warranty Period
1. Our service staff proposes processing method according to the actual situation of the equipment on the site and our back office personnel writes out the material requisition.
2. After the old component is replaced and the equipment runs normally, our service staff will write the service report. After the customer signs on the report and our leader approves, the service staff can bring the old component back to our warehouse for write-off.
3. The cost of sending accessories by mail can be written off after approved by the leader. The old accessories should be recycled when possible
4. For equipment and accessory damage caused by non-quality reasons, our after-sales service staff will cooperate with the person in charge of the equipment on the customer side to analyze the damage reason and repair the equipment. We will also give guidance and training on equipment operation to the customer operators. For damage caused by human factors, the processing method is the same with that in handling the damage caused by quality problems. We will negotiate with the customers about the expenditure incurred during this period.

Maintenance beyond Warranty Period
1. Maintenance beyond warranty period is a kind of paid service. The costs include travel expense, on-site service charge, accessory fee, etc.
2. In principle, the accessory is sent after we receive the accessory fee. But for special circumstances, we can firstly send the accessory after approved by our leaders.
3. After our service staff completes the maintenance, he or she will fill in the service bill. The person in charge of the equipment on the customer side will then be required to sign and seal on the bill. Our service staff will submit the bill to our back office staff for charging service fees.

1. Establish detailed archive for equipment sold; offer one-year warranty period and lifelong caring service
2. Continue to improve service quality and response speed
3. Provide lifelong technical support and accessory service

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