Our company has established "National-Level Enterprise Technology Center", "Heavy Duty Transport Equipment Engineering Research Center in Henan Province", "Heavy Duty Installation Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center in Henan Province", and "Large-Scale Lifting and Transport Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center in Zhengzhou City". We also have a Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Station approved to set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as well as an Academician Workstation approved to be established by the Zhengzhou Municipal Government.

1. Talent Advantage
Our company now has more than 1200 employees. The R&D department has nearly 300 people, among which there are 111 engineers. We have a large number of influential technology leaders in the industry and we also have academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering as our consultant.

2. Self-Developed China's First Products
Adhering to the basic principle of "filling domestic gap and breaking foreign monopoly", our company has successfully developed the following products.
a. China's first cable-stayed bridge erection machine, in 1995
b. China's first 1000-ton bridge fabrication machine, in1997
c. China's first 450-ton tyred girder transporter and first 450-ton launching gantry, in 1999
d. China's first spliced highway launching gantry, in 2000
e. China's first 500-ton water conservancy aqueduct fabrication machine, in 2000
f. China's first rubber tyred gantry crane, in 2001
g. China's first independent steering self-propelled transporter, in 2001
h. China's first 900-ton rubber tyred girder transporter, in 2004
i. China's first 900-ton rubber tyred gantry crane, in 2005
j. China's first DPG500 railway track laying machine, in 2006
k. China's first 900-ton guide beam type girder launching gantry, in 2006
l. China's first 900-ton rail mounted gantry crane, in 2007
m. China's first 125-ton self-propelled tyred transporter for metallurgy, in 2007
n. 200-ton highway and railway bridge erecting machine, in 2008
o. 200-ton shipbuilding gantry crane, in 2008
p. Wind turbine boom crane, in 2009

3. Participation in Formation of National and Industry Standards
Our company has presided over the drafting of one national standard and participated in the drafting of eight industry standards, firmly establishing our status in this special field of mechanical engineering.

National Standard
General technical conditions of the self-propelled transporters, CAS118-2005

Industry Standards
a. Technical Conditions of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail Transport and Erection Equipment Development
b. Technical Conditions of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Track Laying Unit Development
c. Safety Technical Regulations of Bridge Crane, TSGQ0002-2008
d. Safety Technical Regulations of Jib Crane
e. Clustering Construction Machinery Term
f. Clustering Construction Machinery Information Exchange
g. General Technical Conditions of Bridge Erecting Machine, 20072509-T-604
h. Safety Norms of Bridge Erecting Machine, 20072508-T-604

4. Independent Intellectual Property Rights
We have obtained 45 national invention and utility model patents of construction equipment in highway, high-speed railway, maglev train project, water conservancy, shipbuilding, metallurgy, and other fields. Meanwhile we have published more than 60 academic articles in the domestic and foreign core journals. Some of our patents are listed in the following table.

Patent name Patent type Year of authorizing Patent number
1. Dual four-bar linkage folding arm mechanism for aerial vehicles B 2010 ZL200920297295.8
2. Hydraulic rubber tyred boom crane C 2010 ZL201030122029.X
3. Box-shaped double-beam highway and railway T-beam bridge erecting machine B 2010 ZL200920276728.1
4. Outrigger system for railway bridge erecting machine B 2010 ZL200920276727.7
5. One kind of quick connector for box girder type steel structure modules connection B 2010 ZL200920276726.2
6. 3000-ton special bridge erecting machine for 120m span double layer four-wire highway and railway steel truss bridge entire hole erection B 2010 ZL200920276729.6
7. Hybrid power wheel side driving device B 2010 ZL 200920276730.9
8.A control hydraulic valve block integrated by multi-level cylinders B 2010 ZL 200920257753.5
9. An anti-backward hydraulic control valve block with stiffness and damping controllable

B 2010 ZL 200920257754.X
10. High-speed rail dedicated self-propelled bridge inspection and maintenance car B 2010 ZL 200920257752.0
11.Ring type turning-over device suitable for shipbuilding gantry crane B 2009 ZL 200820070800.0
12. Single girder structure with table shaped cross-section suitable for suspended highway launching gantry B 2009 ZL 200820070801.5
13. A type hydraulic girder launching mechanism for spliced highway launching gantry B 2009 ZL 200820070802.X
14. Urban rail transit bridge erecting machine traveling mechanism which can do S-shaped traveling B 2009 ZL 200820070803.4
15. Shipbuilding gantry crane C 2009 ZL 200830080957.7
16. Gold Cup-shaped exterior design C 2009 ZL 200830150937.2
17. Self-propelled rubber tyred boom crane for wind turbine installation B 2009 ZL 200820149025.8
18. One kind of multi-function hydraulic control valve B 2009 ZL 200820149026.2
19. Independent steering suspension mechanism for large self-propelled transporters A 2008 ZL200610081561.4
20. Rubber tyred gantry crane B 2008 ZL200720090211.4
21. Self propelled upslung railway bridge erection machine B 2008 ZL200720089445.7
22. Multi-mode steering flatbed powered by generator set and hydraulic pump station B 2008 ZL200720175185.5
23. Refrigerating apparatus suitable for cooling the encoder mobile device with multi-mode steering B 2008 ZL200720175184.0
24. Guide beam type fixed launching gantry B 2007 ZL200520143695.5
25. Rubber tyred transporter B 2007 ZL200620130084.1
26. One-span bridge erecting machine B 2004 ZL03237418.6
27. Dual circuit safety valve B 2004 ZL03254678.5
28. Load-bearing main beam for concave abdominal bridge erecting machine B 2003 ZL02279044.6
29. Luffing self-propelled transporter B 2002 ZL01240166.8
30. Crane for maglev train rail B 2001 ZL01212222.X

Remark: In patent type, A denotes patent, B denotes utility model, and C denotes exterior design

5. Key Technologies of the Industry Mastered by Our Company
Our company covers an area of over 250,000 square meters, of which there are 80,000 square meters of modernized workshop, assembly venue and proving ground. We rank the first in the heavy-duty special construction equipment industry in terms of production capacity. We have mastered key technologies in domestic special construction equipment industry, especially the following four technologies.
a. Complete sets of technology about 900-ton lifting and transport equipment
b. Independent steering suspension technology for large self-propelled transporters
c. Large-scale lifting and transport machinery networked electro-hydraulic proportional control technology
d. Integrated design technology of wheeled wind power installation equipment

Compared with other cranes at home and abroad, the land-based wind power installation crane developed by our company has the following features.
aa. High degree of reliability
It can work under 6-level wind, while truck crane and crawler crane can only withstand 4-level wind.

bb. High efficiency
Lifting, luffing, slewing, traveling and steering of the crane are all driven hydraulically. The crane can realize straight traveling, oblique traveling, 8-shaped steering, center rotation, and other functions. It is easy to adjust in place. Its traveling speed is 5km/h and it can adapt to various roads. It can realize short-distance quick transitions and there is no need to dismantle the main boom during transition.

cc. Low cost
The selling price per single unit is 20 million yuan, and the maintenance cost is low.

dd. Our wind turbine crane has low requirement on the wind power construction site, and no dedicated channel is required.

ee. The special structure at the boom ends can realize quick installation of the impeller and the host.

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